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Race Mission

Hello,   (written before the 1st race in 2011)  

    My name is Bob Horn and I am writing this to share with you my goals of this race, the XTERRA JERSEY
DEVIL.     Here first is a short history of how it all came about.  I had the idea about 3 years ago to try and
bring the world of Off Road Triathlons to the New Jersey Shore Area, in particular Ocean and Monmouth
County.  I had a number of locations in mind.  All areas which I had familiarity with, knew would be great
places for a race, and held a special meaning to me personally.  To make a long story short, after
discussions with a few of these local areas and parks I found the Joseph A Citta Scout Reservation and the
interconnecting trails they offer to Wells Mills Park to be the ideal location to hold an Off Road Triathlon in
the area.  

     The Joseph A Citta Scout Reservation holds a special meaning to me as it was where I attended Boy
Scout Camp as a youth, back then it was called Brookville.   It is still the same place I remember from
back in my youth.   From my experiences and fun times there I went on to receive my Eagle Scout back in
1994 as a member of Troop 60 in Brick Township, NJ.  In setting up a race I had always had the goal of
having the event to give back to a cause or location I hold dear to my heart.  Therefore, it worked out great
when the Joseph A Citta Scout Reservation was so on board for hosting the Xterra Jersey Devil.  With that
said ALL PROFITS from the race will be given back to the Scout Reservation and Wells Mills Park.  Scouting
and local county parks have given me so much and helped mold me into who I am today and I am looking
very forward to giving them the Profits from the race. 

     For those of you unfamiliar with Off Road Triathlons there is a particular organization that has become
known globally for such events, XTERRA.  XTERRA triathlons are held all over the World and this race will be
part of the Xterra National Points Series.  Being part of this Series will bring athletes from around the Region
to compete.   For many of these athletes who compete in this Series the goal is to earn points towards
a Regional Competition where an eventual Regional Champion is crowned and athletes can qualify for the
National Championship Race. (see www.xterraplanet.com for more information).  I have competed in
XTERRA races for over 6 years now, earning a Regional Championship the last 3 years and have been lucky
enough to compete at the XTERRA National and World Championships.  So I believe I have the knowledge
and know how on what it takes to put on a successful XTERRA Event. 

     I have also been a competitive runner since my middle school days.  I have a good running friend who
lives in the Barnegat area, and with whom I have explored many of the trails in the area during long
summer marathon training runs.  Therefore, you can be certain you will get a great tour during the race of
what the area trails have to offer. 

     The Ocean and Monmouth County areas of New Jersey have seen a great boom in the sport of Triathlon
over the past several years.  This is in part due to the introduction of the Jersey Shore Triathlon Club and
the continueing growth of the Sandy Hookers Triathlon Club.   These  Clubs combined now have over 1000 

members and many of its athletes participate in Mountain Bike rides throughout the winter and spring

months.  As a member of these clubs, I am hoping to also put on this race as on oppurtunity for myself to 

introduce my fellow  Triathlon Club members to the XTERRA scene.  I am certain many of them will love the 

experience as much as I do, and then continue to do other XTERRA races during the remainder of the

    In concluding this mission statement I cannot wait to put on this race I think it will become an early
season staple on the local triathlon schedule and be an event athletes look forward to competing in year
after year.  More importantly it will be an opportunity for others and myself to give back to areas of the
community that have a continueing impact, the Boy Scouts of America and the Park Systems of our
great Country.  
      The 1st Annual XTERRA Jersey Devil was a great success and I am looking even more forward to
putting on an even better race in year 2.  I have read everyones comments and hope to build upon your
recommendations for 2012. 

Thanks and see you on April 29, 2012,